Trainers & Personal trainers

Trainers & Personal trainers

At boxing school Barry Groenteman you can also use our personal trainers in addition to group training. Our trainers are specialized in boxing-oriented fitness training, pad training and the technique of the noble art of boxing. Personal training is available on request via


Speciality: boxing technical
Profession: boxing trainer boxing school Barry Groenteman and personal trainer
Trophies: Former Dutch boxing champion at the highest level.

DannyMoi Thuk Shung

Speciality: Kickboxing and boxing fitness training.
Profession: Trainer boxing school Barry Groenteman and Personal Trainer.
Trophies: Served at A level in kickboxing.


Specialty: Boxing technical and boxing fitness training.
Occupation: Serving as a competitive boxer for Team ABS.


Speciality: Bag training and technical boxing.
Profession: German teacher.


Specialty: Kickboxing
Profession: active competitive kickboxer Glory ranked number 1 and Trainer.
Trophies: former WFL World Kickboxing Champion.


Speciality: Boxing technique and boxing fitness training.
Occupation: Working for the Royal Netherlands Army.


Specialty: Technical boxing
Profession: Trainer, active competitive boxer and personal trainer.
Trophies: multiple Dutch women’s champion in the A class at the highest level.

Jaedavd Veen

Specialty: Technical boxing and fitness training.
Profession: Active competitive boxer, Trainer and Personal trainer.


Specialty: Maternity boxing, Rehabilitation training and Mensendieck.
Profession: Mensendieck therapist.


Specialty: Boxing trainer, fitness trainer and kickboxing trainer.
Profession: Trainer and Personal trainer.